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FHA Home Loans can help First Time Homebuyers or others buy a home or refinance.  With more flexible underwriting standards, many more home buyers can be helped with FHA Home Loans than with more traditional programs!

FHA Home Loans have many unique products such as FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans and the FHA Streamline Refinance.  These programs allow for even more options for home buyer and current home owners.

FHA Home Loans Highlights:

– Seller can pay your closing costs up to 3% of the sales price of the home
– Flexible credit criteria
– Can use "alternative" credit if you lack credit history
– Get approved only 2 years out of bankruptcy
– Only 3.5% down payment required
– Can receive "gift" for down payment from family member
– Can get help from a co-signer to help you with your home purchase or refinance

FHA Home Loans do carry mandatory mortgage insurance.  The rate currently (March, 2010) is 1.75% up-front (usually financed into loan), and .55% monthly (.55% x amount of mortgage / 12 = monthly amount).

FHA Home Loans also have  incredible fixed rates that are comparible to conventional home loans.  We will get you a FREE FHA Rate Quote today, just give us a call. 

To get started, choose the FHA Home Loan scenario below that best suits your needs:

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