10 Year Home Inventory Data Shows Interesting Trend

10 Year Home Inventory Data Shows Interesting Trend

10 Year Home Inventory Data Shows Interesting Trend

I wanted show you guys a quick chart that I saw today that just reinforces what I was talking about earlier in the week on my video about the fact that you’ve probably noticed there’s more homes for sale on the market right now. There’s been more and more listings coming on the market.

Some people are starting to get concerned. You know, are we seeing a turn in the market?

Are things changing in the other direction where we’re going to start to see a plethora of listings out there?

I wanted to point out the fact that this is normal when you look at the change in seasons throughout the years. This chart goes back, looking back 10 years, and you can see that every year inventory goes down as we approach towards the end of the year, the winter months, and then it gradually increases as we get into spring and summer. Then it peaks around the summertime.

It makes sense if you think about people’s behavior. If they need to relocate or they want to change school districts, families are looking for homes around this time. They list their home for sale because they want to move during the summer and get settled in so that their kids can start the new school year at the new school. That’s one of many reasons. Also, better weather during the summer, outside doing more things.

So these kinds of factors affect this seasonal shift in inventory that we see. We’re seeing exactly that this year. This is month-by-month data.

You’re seeing the same type of trend, although the line is lower, overall less inventory still than what we saw last year. This is not unusual to see this type of behavior this time of year. We’ll see if in fact we do shift the other direction and start getting way too many listings. But at the moment, this looks like just a normal seasonal shift in listings that we see every year.

I hope that helps you guys, helps to see better the understanding of what the market’s doing right now. And if you have any questions or want to talk about anything mortgage related, of course give me a call. I’m always happy to answer your questions.

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