FHA Minimum Property Standards

FHA Minimum Property Standards

FHA Minimum Property Standards

FHA Minimum Property Standards ( Click Here to Download image below)
FHA Minimum




If you are out looking at homes this weekend and you are seeking an FHA loan, or if you’re a real estate agent helping someone that’s seeking an FHA loan, I have got something to share with you today and it’s an FHA checklist for minimum FHA property standards.

Generally speaking, FHA is looking for things that might be health or safety issues. Things like, for example, if there’s not a railing on a stairway or if let’s say that there’s exposed wiring coming out of the wall. Or let’s say that there’s a mold problem in the house. These are all examples of things that could come up on an FHA appraisal and need to be fixed prior to closing on the home loan.

Check it out. The FHA Minimum Property Standards Checklist. You can just download it here and give me a call if you have any questions on that. And of course, if you have any questions about obtaining an FHA home loan or anything else mortgage related, I’m happy to answer those questions for you and I appreciate you guys watching.

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