Up To $2500 Home Buyer Grant Now Available!

Up To $2500 Home Buyer Grant Now Available!

Up To $2500 Home Buyer Grant Now Available!

Up To $2500 Home Buyer Grant Now Available!

I’ve got some great news for those of you out there that are looking to buy a home and could use a little bit of extra money to go towards that. The news is that there is a grant program out now that does not ever have to be repaid where you can get up to $2,500 worth of free grant money that can go towards your down payment or closing costs.

So call me, and I can help you out with as to whether you qualify for this grant money.

It’s a huge benefit to a lot of home buyers. On that note, let’s get into some market news, because we’re all looking for a little bit of relief financially.

Interest rates have unfortunately gone up over the last week as the stock market has gone down. A lot of this was triggered by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech last Friday on their annual Jackson Hole conference that they do that the Federal Reserve does where he talked about the fact that the Fed is going to remain strong on inflation, remain steadfast in their quest to fight inflation and that this is going to cause pain for the American consumer.

The markets did not like this. If you follow the stock market, you saw that it dropped sharply on Friday after this news. We’ve continued to drift downward this week and that’s inversely what’s affected interest rates and caused interest rates to go up. This has been not great news for those of you looking to buy a house, your payment has gotten a little bit higher, but it’s still reasonable. It’s not out of the control where it’s gone above 6% or 7% for a primary residence. So we’re still looking pretty decent.

Of course, call me, I can help you out with what your payment is going to look like. Today is Thursday that I’m filming this video. Tomorrow we have some big news that happens once a month. It’s called the non-farms payroll report. And this could be a really big market mover. A lot of times it is depending on if the jobs report is really strong or really weak. So be watching out for that. I might put out another video tomorrow just to report on how that came out and how it’s affecting the markets. We’re hoping that that report provides some relief to mortgage rates. So we’ll see what happens on that. As always, I’m here to answer your questions.

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