“RJ was great to work with – very responsive and he get me well informed throughout the process. He was also proactive in getting everything taken care of on both the refinance and suborinating my line of credit.”

Centennial, CO

“RJ was great to work with. He was very professional and always communicated with us. He actually go us a better rate than what we were promised.”

Longmont, CO

“Thanks for all your hard work on this. You have been great! In fact Linda and Dan told me at the closing table how impressed they were with you. I will recommend you to anyone I know and will definitely use you again in the future.”

Salt Lake City, UT

“RJ kept me well informed and responded to any questions I had in a timely manner!”

Brighton, CO

“I have never worked with a more professional individual.”

Morton, MS

“You have been most helpful through this entire process and very professional. I can see why you probably get a lot of repeat customers. You have won our business and we will definitely come back to you when we need to refi again.”

Harry and Judy
Milan, IL

“This being my 2nd re-fi with RJ I would not have come back unless he was the best. And he has again proven that he is. :) Thanks RJ”

Austin, TX

“RJ- You and I have worked on several deals together. You always seem to make even the impossible seem very doable. Your attitude is one of caring and understanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we shall continue to use you as our go-to guy!!

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future and would highly recommend anyone seeking an individual that listens and truly understands the needs of the client to seek the help and customer service that only RJ Baxter can Provide.”

Michael Johnson/Owner
Optimum Investments LLC
Charlotte, NC

“RJ- Let me say that your work was fantastic! You were proactive, engaged and kept us well informed. Everything went well and I appreciate your efforts.

I would without hesitation recommend you to any of my military contacts as a good lender to work with.

Please send me a good contact e-mail for your supervisor. I’d like to express to them my great satisfaction with your handling of our loan.”

Bristow, VA

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. A banker around here couldn’t/wouldn’t be half as helpful. If I need you in the future I will certainly contact you and if I can send you any referrals I will.”

York, SC

“My husband and I began searching for a mortgage lender in the fall of 2003. Unfortunately, because we had some credit problems, our search became quite frustrating. Several lenders made us feel very uncomfortable; they were, for the most part, rather pretentious and dismissive. Many lenders said that they simply could not help us—others offered help, but then faded away, never followed up by returning phone calls, etc. We felt we were being judged—our credit scores seemed to determine our worthiness as people. We were devastated not only because of the apparent credit problems, but by the attitudes and the sense of disrespect we felt from various lenders. All of that began to change, though, when we found R.J. Baxter. For the first time in our home-purchase process, we felt some glimmer of hope. He helped us evaluate our credit reports, advised us on how to eliminate erroneous information, and guided us in restoring our credit. R.J. never made us feel embarrassed, and he stuck by us through the entire process—approximately ten months. At any time, if we had any questions or concerns, he was right there to answer questions and did so in a professional, dignified manner. Although he was physically many miles away from us, we felt he was right there. R.J. also helped us find a reasonable rate. He carefully evaluated various possibilities and provided us with the best loan for our particular needs. We have total faith and confidence in R.J. as our “personal” mortgage advisor. I know that he’ll continue to watch out for us and to help us. That kind of dedication and commitment gives us great comfort.”

Starkville, MS