FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans

FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans

Denver FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans

One of the best ways to finance a condo in Denver right now is through the FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans program.  This program allows for a relative to co-sign for their family member on a condo purchase or refinance to help them qualify. 

The great thing is that, despite the name, the new property doesn’t even have to be a condo!  You can purchase a townhome, single-family residence, or even a four-plex with FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans

Here are a few highlights of FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans:

  • Only a 3.5% down payment required.
  • Down payment can be received as a gift from family member.
  • Co-signer’s income, assets, and credit are used for qualifying.
  • Can buy any type property insurable by FHA Home Loans.
  • Interest rates in the low 5%’s on a 30 year fixed as of February 2010.

FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans can be used for a new home purchase or for a refinance home loan:

Home Purchase:  Whether this is your first home or condo or you are an experienced home owner, FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans can help you get qualified.  The first step is to be pre-approved so you can confidently head out to look for a home and know what price range you qualify for.

Refinance:  You can utilize FHA Kidde Condo Home Loans to help qualify for a lower rate and payment on your mortgage.  We can provide you with a professional analysis of your situation to see if a refinance makes sense for your unique situation.

Help your kids get off to a great start in life with FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans.  Or help another family member buy a home or refinance.  This program is a smart way to help your loved ones qualify for the mortgage they deserve at a low, competitive interest rate. 

FHA Kiddie Condo Home Loans start here:

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